“Welcome to the business land“, LT-PL-2S-190

Project oriented on solving the problem of low youth entrepreneurship in the border regions. The main reasons of the problem to be solved by the project:

  1. youth see business difficult and are afraid on failure;
  2. youth lack of motivation to start small business;
  3. youth do not have leaders able to guide them in the business start phase.

The general aim – to show the border region youth that Business can be simple, if you have a good idea, some support from professionals, and general knowledge on business processes.

Project target groups: Youth, Education organizations, Young Entrepreneurs and border region Business companies.

Active partnership of project beneficiaries and social partners (schools, business companies, professional development centers) are foreseen in the project activities.

Project activities:

  • training,
  • business leader’s competition,
  • Economic forum.

Training for trainers

The joint event for economy teachers will be organized. Participants will share experience in entrepreneurship development activities at schools in different countries. After the training’s teachers will assist the youth in preparation for the competition. 

Business leader’s competition

I-stage competition will be implemented as international on line test. II-stage competition will be implemented as join business simulation. The 20 persons (winners of the I-st stage) will be participating.

Economic forum

During the forum: Presentations and discussions of the possibilities of the development of youth startups ecosystem in the border region will be organized; private and public sector partnership role for youth business development will be discussed; Youth Business Workshops will be held; Participants will deal with social and economic problems in the border region; Round table’s discussions will be organized.

For the sustainability of the project there is foreseen to start discussions on open business motivation model, which will motivate social partners to social networking in youth startups ecosystem creation. Open business motivation model will create a new approach on public services oriented on business startups and developers in the border region.

Total projects budget size is 49973, 25 EUR. Out of them co-funding of European Regional Development Fund is 42 477,25 EUR.

Partly financed from the European Regional Development Fund

Interreg V-A Lithuania-Poland cooperation programme